Create the largest impact on UMKC students by joining our monthly giving program and becoming a Go-to Roo.

Through easy, automatic monthly payments, Go-to Roos’ donations help students reach their full potential in their chosen area of study. Go-to Roos can designate their gifts to any area that they chose or to the area of greatest need. The monthly giving option is the most beneficial to our students and the most convenient for donors as it’s not necessary to actively remember to make a contribution.

Monthly donations help students in a variety of ways:

  • $10 a month provides students with essential supplies
  • $20 a month covers the cost of one semester’s worth of books for one student
  • $30 a month enables one student to pay holds on enrollment.

Your recurring gift will be deducted from your credit or debit card on the day you set up your gift and on that same day every month. You will receive an email confirmation after each recurring donation has been processed. You will also receive an end-of-the-year tax receipt annually through the mail.

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Thank you to those who already give monthly. Your gifts help more students graduate with less financial burden and debt.

Go-to Roo Founding Members

Sherrill Brown (D.Phm. ’03)
James (B.A. ’03) and Tamara Byland (B.A. ’10)
Angela Cottrell
Jennifer Ingraham
Heather Leonard (B.B.A. ’05)
Mark Mattison (MPA ’09)
Robert Morrison (M.D. ’85)
Kathleen A. Schweitzberger (MPA ’97)
Deborah and Maury Smith
Jared Smith (B.A. ’15)