UMKC libraries provide places for research, learning and community.  Students, faculty and staff rely on our libraries as a resource and haven for scholarship, collaboration and camaraderie.

Priorities for our libraries include:

  • Procure scholarly materials and databases to enable student learning and research across all UMKC academic areas of study.
  • Enhance and expand services offered by the UMKC Libraries to students to ensure their academic success.
  • Create opportunities for students to expand their horizons and excel at their academic achievements.
  • Contribute to the processing, programming, conserving, preserving, archiving and digitizing of the libraries’ distinctive collections and archives to guarantee the long-term availability of primary resource materials for current and future researchers.
  • Transform the Miller Nichols Library and the Health Sciences Library into inspirational academic centers that encourage research, academic excellence, and collaboration in a technologically rich environment.
  • Endow key librarian positions to provide visionary leadership and professional development opportunities that result in increased innovation of library services.

For more information please visit the UMKC Libraries.

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